World Cardfight: Bushiroad Championship Series


Today marks the beginning of the Bushiroad Championship Series, the world-wide official Bushiroad tournament season with over 20 events leading up to the BCS Finals on the 20th of January in Japan next year. This is the first official competitive season for the English version of Cardfight Vanguard’s standard format, which I will be summarising, comparing and analysing each event. The goal is to find trends and analyse data that will help you, the aspiring card fighter, reach the top of your respective region.

Due to the fact the Bushiroad is releasing products in between events, I will separate each format based on what product is released:

1920 x 1080 pxVEB01 – The Destructive Roar (August 3rd to August 30th)

The first event that starts off the tournament season also happens to one of the smallest. The VEB01 format only lasts for one event: Chicago in the USA on the 25th of August. Will Spike Brothers make an impact like they have in Premium format?

VGE-V-EB02VEB02 – Champions of the Asia Circuit (August 31st to September 13th)

The second event of the tournament season also happens to one of the smallest. The VEB02 format only lasts for one event; New Jersey in the USA on the 1st of September. Champions of the Asia Circuit releases Aqua Force, Dimension Police and Granblue into the English game. Dimension Police and Granblue are high tier decks in the Japanese meta, will we see the same trend in our single event for this format?

VGE-V-TD04VTD04 – Ren Suzugamori (September 14th to October 18th)

While the only product release in this period is a Trial Deck, it does introduce a new clan into the English game which in my opinion is enough justification to split the formats. However as results have shown from Japan (as this is their current meta as of the 26th of August), this format is just a slight morphed version of the Champions of the Asia Circuit meta. I don’t believe we will see much of a change in the trends from the results of the New Jersey event, I am quite sceptical as this is the longest format of the Bushiroad Champion Series with twelve events.


Date Country Region


15th – 16th USA Texas


15th – 16th France



22nd – 23rd Canada



22nd – 23rd UK



22nd – 23rd Singapore


29th – 30th Greece



6th – 7th USA



6th – 7th Germany



6th – 7th Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur


13th – 14th Netherlands


October 13th – 14th Indonesia


October 13th – 14th New Zealand


VGE-V-BT02VBT02 – Strongest! AL4 (October 19th to November 8th)

With the release of Strongest! AL4, Shadow Paladins are finally a complete clan! This set also introduces Pale Moon, Murakumo and Dark Irregulars into the English game. While this format only consists of three events, I’m sure at least one of these four clans will make a huge impact on the meta.


Date Country Region


20th – 21st Canada



3rd – 4th UK


November 3rd – 4th Philippines


VGE-V-MB01VMB01 – PSYqualia Strife (November 9th to December 14th)

As the first arc of the Cardfight Vanguard anime comes to a close, the final battle between Aichi, Kai and Ren are embodied by the release of PSYqualia Strife. This “Mini Booster” only features support for the Royal Paladin and Kagero clans (not that Kagero needs more support at all). This set also marks the end of the regional qualifiers with eight events including the one in my region.


Date Country Region


10th – 11th USA



10th – 11th Italy



10th – 11th Philippines



17th – 18th USA Hawaii
November 17th – 18th Portugal



24th – 25th Mexico Mexico City
TBC TBC France


December 7th – 9th Australia


VEB03 – ULTRA RARE Miracle Collection (Releases December 14th) &
VEB04 – The Answer of Truth (Releases 18th of January)

Starting off the postseason, leading up to the Grand Finals sees the release of VEB03 ULTRA RARE Miracle Collection. This set introduces the Angel Feather, Gold Paladin and Neo Nectar clans into the English game. This set also marks the final release for 2018 as we prepare for the finals in 2019.

The Bushiroad Championship Series Grand Finals also follows just two days after the English release of VEB04 The Answer of Truth, which introduces Gear Chronicle, Great Nature and Genesis into the meta. Will Gear Chronicle come out of nowhere to dominate the meta like it did in the G-era? It will be interesting to see if releasing a product just before the finals will cause some kind of impact? Will the set be legal for play at this event? The set releases in the Japanese game on the 16th of November, so we will look at how it affects the meta in the Japanese region to estimate the impact on the English game.

For more information, please take a look at
Bushiroad will update their webpage with key information (including rules and changes in dates and venues, so make sure to double check before preparing for your event).


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